One of our big dreams of our Cannonball Generosity Initiative was to see churches planted in different communities around San Diego and Southern California. We believed that partnering with God to help launch new churches would mean the Kingdom of God would grow and more and more people would become Jesus followers as they heard His story first-hand. Todd and Shannon Phelps are living, breathing examples of this prayer coming to life! They are on mission to plant Reve Church in Carmel Valley in the fall of 2019. And it was the combination of their faithfulness to live out a huge step God was asking them to make along with our EastLake Church Network’s faithful generosity that has seen this dream come true. Many of us may never set foot in Reve Church or know a single person who attends there, but the ripples from the waves that our generosity set in motion will impact lives and hearts for God’s kingdom. Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us on this Cannonball journey and to see stories like the Phelp’s become part of our church fabric. Our best prayers and wishes as Todd and Shannon and their family continue to build Reve Church. We can’t wait to see how God uses them and this new church body! To learn more about Cannonball check out