Ryan always had a belief in God, but walking through the doors of Torrey Pines Church after being invited by some friends proved to be the catalyst for him deepening his faith and growing in a relationship with Jesus. That also led to his growth as a man and as a father. He credits the welcoming environment of Torrey Pines Church, along with his Growth Group for enacting these changes. And while he had become familiar with the Cannonball Generosity Initiative as an attender at Torrey Pines Church, he also witnessed first hand what he calls the “magic of generosity” as he saw the physical campus upgrades taking place. Updated facilities, improved spaces for kids and youth have meant an even more welcoming environment and a homey feel to church. He appreciates that his young son loves attending church and is getting a great foundation for his own life. Cannonball was a two-year generosity initiative that saw more people giving, serving, and living in generosity that any time in church history. The waves we made as a church family will be felt for years to come.