Technically, a bird could use only it’s legs and walk everywhere it needs to go for its entire life. But what a waste that would be, right? Birds aren’t designed to walk, they are destined to fly. In much the same way, we are designed and destined to use our lives to impact the world.

For Ralph and Cindy Rodriguez, this idea came alive for them when they began a personal partnership with Bright Hope School and Orphanage in Uganda. They knew of EastLake Church’s commitment to invest in Bright Hope but when they traveled there for the first time on a missions trip, they became personally invested. They saw first-hand how the giving from the Christmas Conspiracy meant tangible needs met for the students. They saw the lives of children being changed because of the generosity of people across the world. And this knowledge made an impact. Ralph and Cindy began to make a regular tithe a priority. They realized the sacrifice it would mean and began to make those choices. And as their tithe became a normal habit of their family, their hearts continued to be burdened for the children and staff of Bright Hope.

So their tithe turned into a tithe plus savings for regular trips to Uganda. Their kids joined in on the trips. And their family began to live out what they are destined to be: world changers. A small step of generosity turned into a life change that has enlarged their perspective, changed what they prioritize and given them fulfillment.

Some may say it’s crazy to give away your time, treasure and talent to others. But we are destined to be generous and designed to make a difference. There’s a way of generous living that provides freedom, joy and eternal impact. TheRodriguez family prove that it would be crazy NOT to live that way.