Divorce. It’s one of the most unfortunate realities of our society. Nearly half of all marriages will end in divorce and it leaves relationships, families and friendships forever changed. For Mike Vasquez, he faced this reality 4 years ago as he watched his marriage come to an end. While the moment he realized that was painful, it didn’t compare to the pain, anger, hurt and frustration to come as he had to deal with the fallout and consequences of divorce.

Throughout all of this, God has been teaching me that no matter what the circumstances are, you gotta keep moving forward.

Yet, as he walked this difficult and unexpected road, he had grown enough in his faith to begin to lean on God in the hard times, to express his anger in the dark times and ask for wisdom along the journey. And in the midst of a journey he never thought he would be on, Mike found hope. He found peace. He found strength that enabled him to conduct himself with integrity, seeking peace and living selflessly as he dealt with his ex-spouse, faced fractured relationships and friendships and navigated the world of single-parenting.

Mike would explain that his mere belief in God transformed into a deep relationship where he could call on and rely on Him no matter how good or bad his day was. He is grateful for the Christian friends around him who walked with him through his divorce and kept pointing him to the One who could provide true healing, hope and wisdom.

Divorce Care is a support group to help those facing the reality of divorce. They meet in a small group format. Find out more here.