The Friesen’s have seen first-hand the benefits of giving of their time and of their finances, but it hasn’t been an easy journey. At some points in their marriage they have had time to serve, but giving financially has felt like a challenge. At other times, giving of their money seemed easier than finding time to serve. But through Cannonball and as their kids have gotten older, they feel the call on their lives to make room to give of both their money and their schedules. A recent house-build in Tijuana, Mexico was a perfect opportunity to not only see the benefits of giving to Cannonball financially, but to spend a weekend teaming up with other volunteers to build a home for a family in need. Through Cannonball, the EastLake Church Network is able to provide materials to build and furnish for a family, as well as provide household supplies. Outreach trips to Tijuana happen several times a year, as well as trips to Uganda and the Philippines. Find out more about Cannonball at and find out more about Outreach opportunities at