Living out your faith at your workplace can be one of the most challenging facets of our walk with Jesus. We are placed side by side with people from different backgrounds, different life experiences and different ways of looking at the world. We often face stressful or pressure situations and have to use our similarities to get the job done. For Mark, a 10 year veteran of the San Diego fire department, this is his daily reality. Not only does he encounter the most stressful situations imaginable, but he does it while living, sleeping and working alongside his fellow firefighters who become like family. Mark, however, has learned how to use his relationship with Jesus as an asset on his job. As he faces the unimaginable: a dying child, a horrific car accident or a sick patient, he leans into Jesus, offering a prayer or a moment of meditation to help him shoulder these burdens. He’s learned to ask his wife and growth group for prayer and support and has grown to be a source of strength for his co-workers as he shares the source of his hope. No matter our profession, this is a great example for all of us to share Jesus on our job site.