Sometimes God shows us he sees us in the most unexpected ways! Marisol was a busy working mom, who not only balanced a job and her son, but was also juggling a full course load at school and yet still found time to faithfully serve in the EastLake Church Kids services on weekends. While her time was stretched thin, she knew serving was a non-negotiable and also a source of joy in her life. Similarly, she knew that tithing on a single mom’s salary would stretch her, but it was a non-negotiable for her and her walk with God. Even when her hours at work were cut back, she remained faithful with both her service and her giving. So when she received a phone call out of the blue that her son had qualified for a preschool program that not only fit the hours she needed, but that his entire cost would be covered, she knew that God had come through for her. Even more special, the cost that the program covered almost perfectly matched the amount she had been tithing. Marisol admits that this moment reminded her that God sees her, sees her need and is faithful. She hopes she can be an encouragement to others who feel stretched thin: serving God with our time and resources not only blesses others but ends up blessing us as well as we grow to know God more and see him work in our lives.