I feel like EastLake Church is a good investment of my time and my money because of the heart of where EastLake’s at.

Marijun Dilay’s Cannonball moment came when she offered up her home and her time to host a women’s group for the first time. She and her husband had already enjoyed the community of EastLake Church, and her kids loved the children’s programs, but taking that next step of hosting a group of strangers was a big one for Marijun. Well, they weren’t strangers for long! Her father soon faced a major health issue and it was her women’s growth group that stepped up and provided her with meals, love, prayers and unwavering support. She recalls that after walking through that time, “realizing not just to love, but to be loved is something that will stay with me and I’m so grateful for that experience.”

I’m excited for Cannonball because it’s all in and for me, it’s about taking that next step: whether it’s something small as in serving a ministry, or first time tithing, or going above your tithe, it’s a perfect example of what our next step as a church is.