It all started with a flyer in the mail. And has turned into life change and sacrifice so that others can know faith, peace and hope. For Kevin and Rhonda Buck receiving an EastLake Church mailer was the first step in a series of choices that has changed how they have lived, loved each other and made day to day choices. After attending ELC a few times, they knew they had found a church home where they could be spiritually fed, and learn and grow in their faith and marriage. That has led to them jumping in on the Cannonball generosity initiative to invest in the future of the church so others can experience the same life-change they did. Even as they gave and stepped out in faith they knew God would prove to be faithful. And he has! They can’t wait to see the growth and change around the EastLake Network and the waves that will be made through Cannonball! For more info about this two-year initiative check out