When you watch 84 year old Ken Huff approach the edge of the pool to do a cannonball (of all things) it’s easy to underestimate what he can do. But when you see him leap into the air and go “all in,” you quickly reconsider who Ken is. The same is true for him as a person. As a longtime staff member at Torrey Pines Church, Ken watched first-hand as TPC became a part of the EastLake Church Network. And it would be easy to assume that he might have not have been all in for the transition. But again, that’s not who Ken is. He saw the changes that needed to happen for TPC to continue to grow and increase its ability to serve the La Jolla community. And yet he is honest in admitting that when facing the Cannonball giving initiative he has doubts and fears as he considers his financial next right step. But he remembers what his late wife Ramona taught him: that God will always take care of his needs and by living a generous life your faith is stretched and grows deeper. He is excited to begin this journey, not only personally, but to see the growth that is possible for TPC and the life stories that will come as people jump in in order to make some waves!