You may hear us say “circles are better than rows,” and for Efraim and Jennifer, they have lived out that truth. We aren’t saying that large group meetings are bad, but just that for the nitty gritty living part of life, it’s helpful and important to have a group around you. These circles can make a big church feel small, a way to be connected in a large community and a tribe around you to keep loving and encouraging you. Groups have been a huge part of church life for Efraim and Jenn, and helped them as they jumped in to the Cannonball Generosity Initiative. They not only have grown from their community of friends, but by learning to trust God in all areas of their lives. They love that their kids are seeing them live generously and that their gifts will help make space for others to find and follow Jesus. From groups to giving, jumping in on this Jesus mission makes waves! For more info on joining a growth group check out