Donavan Philby never knew his father. His dad walked out of Donavan’s life before he was born and left a gaping hole that left him to grow with a residue of pain and longing for a dad. He coped the best he could, and eventually was resigned that he would never know his father. While he gave up on that relationship, his faith relationship with Jesus began to grow. He and his girlfriend found EastLake Church, were baptized, got married and began serving and digging deep into the ELC community. And yet there was still the nagging unfulfilled father-son gap in his life. After his mom passed away he felt the Holy Spirit nudging him to track down his dad. What followed was the slow, awkward, wonderful journey of connecting for the first time and building a relationship one step at a time. As Donovan explains, this was a perfect example of how God can take something broken and messy and turn it into something beautiful.