Dante first heard about EastLake Church through a family friend and began his faith story as a child. As he has grown through the kids, students and now adult ministries he has also watched how EastLake has continued to grow. He sees first-hand the need for EastLake to keep making room for new people and the value in providing different opportunities for people to learn about Jesus. Whether it’s our Growth Groups, youth camps, outreach ministries or even warm and inviting spaces on campus, Dante admits that he’s witnessed how lives are changed. His front-row seat to the life of EastLake Church over many years helps him see the impact of the Cannonball Generosity Initiative. He recently made the decision to get baptized and make that public declaration of his faith. Being a part of the EastLake Church community, and continuing to use generosity to welcome and bless others has been an important part of his faith journey and he can’t wait to see who is impacted next.