What if the worst days of your life led directly to your biggest leap of faith? For the Menke’s that’s exactly what happened. When their daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening issue with her heart, they faced the worst fears of any parent. A 9 hour surgery followed by a 9-day medically induced coma were the lowest and darkest days they had faced. And by their own admission, they had no relationship with God to offer any hope or perspective. Thankfully their daughter recovered and the experience drove them back to God and church.

As their family grew, they grew in their walks with God and service in ministry. So when Pastor Nathan asked them to join him planting a church in Temecula, they knew it would be a huge step of faith. Leaving their home, their community, their kids’ schools and their comfort for the unknown was scary. But having faced their worst fears with the health of their kids, they knew that fear couldn’t stop them from following God’s lead. Megan explains, “the only reason for saying ‘no’ was fear.” So they took the leap and are now focused on how God can use them as they choose faith over fear.