Drinking alcohol started out as a way for Bryan to relax after work and enjoy himself with his friends. It quickly grew bigger than that, as he remembers drinking becoming a higher priority in his life, even replacing his relationships with his wife and kids. As his most valued relationships began to suffer, he turned to alcohol even more to help help fill that void and mask the pain of the stress at home. It wasn’t until his wife, Jocelyn, said she was done that his rock bottom moment became a catalyst for change. Bryan found himself at church ready to hear from God and willing to change his choices. Church attendance led to finding a home in the Celebrate Recovery support group which provided him a supportive and understanding community. Bryan credits God and the friends around him for helping him get his life, his marriage, and his family back on track. He and Jocelyn are thankful for resources like Celebrate Recovery and the Re-Engage Marriage Group which has provided hope, friendship and a roadmap for a second chance for their family. Learn more about Celebrate Recovery and Re-Engage.