The Good Life

5/30/2021 -

In Jesus' most famous sermon, he begins with what looks like a list of ideals that his followers must live up to in order to be happy. Yet what appears like a “to do” list is actually quite the opposite. Jesus is revealing just what kind of people are included in his kingdom. He's giving a description of the “in crowd.” The hurting? In. The broken? In. The weak? In. This surprising list of blessings - called beatitudes - reveals just how inclusive Jesus is, and how upside down to the ways of the world his kingdom is designed to be. In this inclusion and value system is the secret to the good life of Jesus.

In This Series

  1. Blessed Are the Persecuted
  2. Happy Are the Beggers
  3. Happy Are the Sad
  4. Happy Are the Humble
  5. Happy Are the Hungry and Thirsty
  6. Happy Are the Merciful
  7. Blessed Are the Pure
  8. Blessed Are the Peacemakers
  9. Happy Are the Persecuted
  10. Blessed Are the Peacemakers
  11. Blessed Are the Pure
  12. Happy Are the Merciful
  13. Happy Are the Hungry and Thirsty
  14. Happy Are the Humble
  15. Happy Are the Sad
  16. Happy Are the Beggers