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Imagine the perfect summertime cannonball.  It’s a hot day, the pool water is cool, and there are some unsuspecting victims just waiting to get doused. Pretty fun, right?  But everybody knows that you can’t “kinda” do a cannonball. A great cannonball needs to be all in!  Every epic cannonball begins with a great running start and a big leap.  “Cannonball” is a six-week series that serves as our running start to a larger two-year journey for the entire EastLake Church Network. This journey is intended to push us out of our comfort zone, deepen our faith, and provide a front row seat to watch God do some pretty amazing things. Join us as we begin this adventure where we will talk about how big dreams and fearless faith can combine to send out eternal ripples of influence. Let’s jump in and make waves!

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