Kids are some of our favorite people.  That’s why we’ve dedicated so much time and energy toward the development of great programs that teach them about God’s love in a way that makes sense to them. We’ve also come to the conclusion that learning about God ought to be fun, so we make sure that we teach in a creative and age-appropriate way for every kid that comes to EastLake Church.

During all of our weekly services, we offer programs for kids from birth through sixth grade. Our programs offer secure check-in and check-out procedures as well as trained and screened volunteers who are devoted to ensuring that your child has an enjoyable and safe experience in our classes.



Why Dedicated Kids Programs?

Remember the last time you asked your kid to sit quietly for an hour? We don’t either! That’s why we have tons of space dedicated to our kids. We believe that church can be fun, so every week we have exciting games, loud worship and much more, just for kids! For the hour you are in service, your kids will be playing, learning and connecting with other kids their age in what looks more like a Nickelodeon show than a church classroom. And all their fun will be wrapped around an age appropriate, Bible based lesson created just for them. EastLake Church’s kids programs are sure to be the best hour of your kids week!

Your Child’s Safety is Important to Us, Too

We work hard to provide a safe, fun place for your children and we know that dropping your child off can be overwhelming. That’s why we have taken extra caution when it comes to your child’s safely. We maintain secure check-in and check-out procedures, require our volunteers to complete background checks, and ensure that our campus is kept safe and secure at all times. At check in, our trained volunteers will assist your family in checking your child into their classroom. When they are done, you will receive two tags; a name tag for your child with a security code printed on it, and a claim tag for you with the matching security code. Only an adult with this matching claim tag will be able to check your child out.

Kids with Special Needs

Our hope and prayer is that every child who comes to EastLake Church will have an awesome experience and connect with Jesus. That’s why we are excited about Hand Over Hand, our ministry for children with special needs. This ministry is available to families with children birth through 12th grade needing assistance to fully participate and connect in children’s and youth programs.

What You Can Expect

Bible Based Teaching: All children’s programs receive age appropriate Bible lessons that are presented in a way that is fun, memorable, and enables your child to learn.

Designed for Parents and Kids: The children’s classes meet at the same time as the adult services. So while you are experiencing the worship and teaching in the adult service, your children are experiencing God in a way that makes sense to them at their age level.

At EastLake Church, we’ve set out to provide the best hour of your kid’s week. Come check out our programs this weekend and we think you’ll like what you see.


Parent Cue – Designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child toward a deeper faith and a better future. Download Links

The Bible App for KidsThis creative resource is designed to assist you with your child’s spiritual growth during the week. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to get everyone in the family involved. Visit site