The Grill and the Thrill!

On February 1, we held our annual men’s tailgate at our Chula Vista location. What happened at the event? Well, on the advice of our attorneys, we can’t get into all of the details, but we made sure to cover all of the standard elements: mayhem, comedy, immature behavior, grilled meats, and corn hole. The night began with an epic tailgate in the parking lot, where we hung out, had fun, and ate a lot more than we should have. It continued with our “Man Up” event in the east auditorium, where we had great music, worship, and an awesome talk from Pastor James with his dad, Papa G!

If you were at the tailgate, you’ll remember that Pastor James mentioned that he’d post the notes from his talk for you to access online. In case you’re looking for those notes, you can find them here!

Make sure to join us for our next men’s tailgate!