We will be sending 2 teams of 20 of people down to Baja to build homes for families in need providing safety, shelter, and the ability to secure a better future.

This is a weekend trip (Friday- Sunday).

See below for some helpful FAQ and additional details.

We will notify you as soon as we have selected the team. Each team of 20 will have 2 leaders as you travel down to the YWAM base in Tijuana. If after you have reviewed the FAQ’s and application, you have any questions please feel free to email outreach@eastlake.church.


Fri, Nov 20th - Sun, Nov 22nd


Meeting at EastLake Chula Vista
990 Lane Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91914

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Mexico House Build FAQ’s


At EastLake Church, we believe that the best way we can impact our local and global community is by partnering with organizations that have already demonstrated integrity and effectiveness in there given area of service. EastLake Church partners with the worldwide organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for the house build project.

YWAM has built thousands of homes in the Baja region. YWAM screens, interviews and selects the families who are gifted with a home, and the stories of life change that come from the recipients are incredible. Target groups are the poorest of the poor – those who don’t have shelter improvement as their first priority because obtaining food and basic needs consumes all their resources. It is recognized that given the right assistance these groups will be able to change their circumstances and future productivity.

The children affected by the gift of a home have experienced benefits in their health and well being due to improved living conditions in their family as the stability of a home enables emotional and economic benefits, as well as educationally as they attend school and open more doors for their future productivity as citizens in their communities.


Through our Cannonball giving and more specifically the Wave of Compassion we are able to provide prayer, volunteers, and financial support for the global and local outreach organizations EastLake Church is partnering with. All of the outreach EastLake Church helps fund is because of the generosity of those who give through Cannonball. Through the Wave of Compassion, EastLake Church is able to fund the cost of each home built by EastLake Church volunteers. Volunteers are required to cover their own costs through the payment plan outlined below.

Deposits will be due upon applying for this trip and are non-refundable unless you are not selected for the team. If you are not selected for the team, your deposit will be refunded. The remaining payments will be due 6 weeks prior to your trip date.

  • Deposit: $75
  • Remaining Balance: $295 for adults or $195 for kids 12 and younger

The cost of the trip covers transportation, accommodations and meals. All tools, training, supplies and materials are provided by YWAM.

Proper Identification

It is essential that every member of the house build team have a valid US passport. Non US citizens will need a valid passport from their country of origin and all legal traveling documents (e.g. green cards, visa, etc.)

Information Meeting

Prior to your trip, the house build team will gather for an important meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to allow the team members to meet each other, their weekend house build leaders, and to talk through the house build trip details.


All team members are asked to be at the Chula Vista campus at 1:30PM on the Friday of the trip. You can expect your team to return to San Diego sometime after 3PM on Sunday. We will talk at greater lengths at the Information Meeting regarding what you can expect.

Sleeping Accommodation

The YWAM base is set up in a dorm like fashion - women in one big room and men in another. Sheets and pillows are provided. Each room has bunk beds, two showers, closet space, and a large sink area and mirror. The facility is clean and well kept.

For your own records, YWAM Base Address:
Crt. Tijuana-Ensenada Km 22.5
Junto a Malibu
Tijuana, BC CP 22710-CR-22701


YWAM will be transporting you from EastLake Church’s Chula Vista campus to Mexico, to the house build Saturday and Sunday morning, and then back to EastLake Church’s Chula Vista campus. YWAM generally uses large passenger vans for transportation.

Team Leaders

Two seasoned team leaders will be leading this trip. They are active members of the EastLake Church community and have been on a previous house build. We are excited for you to meet them!