The Paradox of Inevitability

Read: “Because I am the Eternal One, I never change…” Malachi 3:6 (VOICE)

Reflect: There is a well-known cliché that seems like a contradiction of sorts: “The only constant in life is change, therefore change is inevitable.”

I, like many others, want “security,” “stability,” and the mythical idea that God will serve my plans to accomplish those things. Over time, I discovered that life doesn’t work that way. I chose my career because I wanted security. Nope, turns out my career moves at the speed of light with absolute volatility. I married my wife so I could have stability. Nope, messed that up early on and was heading toward divorce. I believed I would simply achieve my plans if I asked God to help me fulfill them. Nope, my plans are not God’s plans.

It was upon hearing that cliché about change that I started to understand that God’s design was something that went beyond my understanding, comfort, and desire to obtain simplicity in the course of my life. “Constant” and “change” are an inevitable paradox. But I have learned to see those two words in a new way: God never veers off course, even when I do. He restored my marriage, carries me through the ups and downs of my career, and reveals that his plans for me will always be a reflection of his constant love, even as the world changes around me.

React: Think of plans in your life that did not come to fruition. Then ask God through prayer to let those things go. Instead, ask him to show you his plans for you.

Pray:  Heavenly Father, thank you for being my security, stability, and the ultimate author of my life above all else. Let your plan be done according to your will. Amen.