God is Always Up to Something New

Read: “The Kingdom of God is a mustard seed, the tiniest seed you can sow. But after that seed is planted, it grows into the largest plant in the garden, a plant so big that birds can build their nests in the shade of its branches.” Mark 4:31-32 (VOICE)

Reflect: I do not like change. For ten years, I was a comfortable Christian and I had my routine: get my free coffee, sit in my usual aisle seat, “tip” God two dollars for my weekly tithe, and listen to the message that I would not remember or apply the next day… and repeat. Over time, I became spiritually stuck.

Then the holy spirit nudged me to step out of the boat in faith and sign up for a housebuilding mission in Mexico. It was at that point that I began to realize God had so much more in store for me. I had never imagined that I could be part of building a brand new home for an impoverished family in need. Their gratitude humbled me. The experience transformed me. God stretched and grew my faith as I learned that his will is not found in my comfort zone.

That powerful weekend in Mexico gave me the courage to continue to venture out in faith. It prompted me to participate in various ministries over the years, growing spiritually as I served God’s people who need him. Last year, I enrolled in seminary.

Our modern society constantly sends messages that pleasure and comfort are the greatest goals in life. God’s word is a sharp contrast to this. God really wants to work in us mightily by giving us the courage to take risks, and opportunities to grow and change through his grace. As Pope Benedict once stated, “The world offers you comfort. You were made for greatness.”

React: Where is God challenging you to grow? Spend quiet time with God and ask him.

Prayer: Jesus, please move in my heart and give me the courage to grow in your grace and love. Help me to follow your will. Let your Kingdom come.