Blessing My “Hood”

Read: “…Jesus replied, ‘My Father is always working, and so ’” John 5:17 (NLT)

Reflect: I’ve come to love my immediate and surrounding community just as if they were family.  You see, loving my “hood” means more than just admiring home values and solar panels, or how cool my neighbor was for hosting a UFC fight with insanely delicious food.  It’s become more about the idea that we would always look for opportunities to bless others during good and bad times.

A family in our growth group drove out for a vacation six hours away from San Diego.  They hit a flash flood and became stranded. Through prayer, God clearly orchestrated a series of events that make being a part of the “hood” one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of our lives.

It took an army of families to put the pieces together. Three of us drove out in a small caravan of trucks on a six-hour journey.  We spent an hour trying to push a 3-ton vehicle onto a trailer, to immediately make the six-hour return trip home.  Here’s the craziest part.  We’d do it all over again.  Why?  Because even after this experience, we’re still sharing stories of laughter, fellowship, and most importantly, the love of why we did what we did.  It’s the idea that this family received a blessing beyond anything they could have imagined. Even more importantly, it’s their hope to be called to bless others the same way they have been blessed.

React: In what ways could you show love for your community?  Check out Matthew 5:14 to see how God wants us to be a bright example for those around us.

Pray: Father, I believe that you can show me how to begin living a life that exemplifies your love not just for me, but for the many that surround me.  I pray that I reflect your love, not just in word, but in action. Amen.