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Kids & Students Programs

Imperial Beach Church offers programs for kids from birth through fifth grade during each of our services, with additional programs for 6th thru 12th grade students.

Click here for more information about our kids and students programs.

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Instagram post 2176021938152112865_9188122708 Come find out what it means to join the team as one of the people who help make Imperial Beach Church go! 
This is the last call for this Friday’s Growth Track 101, membership seminar which will be held at Pastors Luke’s home. Sign up through the link in our bio. Dinner and child care are on us!
Instagram post 2174926859542839715_9188122708 We are grateful for our veterans who have served in the military. We appreciate their love for our country and their willingness to sacrifice so that we can experience freedom on a daily basis. Happy Veteran’s Day!
Instagram post 2169350245039957233_9188122708 #SERVESUNDAY was a SUCCESS!  Thank you so much for all of you that joined us in our I ❤️IB weekend!
Instagram post 2168500530228417701_9188122708 If you didn’t sign up for an I Heart IB serve project this Sunday and want to serve, you can show up at the Pier South Resort at 9:30 or 11 AM for our “park to the pier” clean up project. 
We will have supplies ready to go for you!
Instagram post 2166294205194297062_9188122708 This Sunday is SERVE weekend! So there will not be any church services at Pier South Resort this weekend Nov 3rd. Instead we will go out and serve our community as a church. Still time to join a serve project. Sign up through the link in our bio. I ♥️ IB.
Instagram post 2163583303490273273_9188122708 We are in week 3 of I ♥️ IB. Pastor Luke will be speaking about how Jesus serves others. In preparation for our serve weekend on November 3rd. •
Dress up your kids for the costume party! 🎉 It’s also the last weekend to donate kids shoes & blankets for the precious kids of Hope Zone. Join us for church tomorrow at 9:30 or 11am.
Instagram post 2160744999510209553_9188122708 Community event, bring the kids in costume, make the rounds and get that candy! 🍭🍬🍫
Event will be in front of Trident Coffee ☕️
Instagram post 2158987539552258159_9188122708 Have you signed up for a serve project yet? Sign up in the link in our bio OR sign up in our Imperial Beach Church App! #imperialbeachchurch #churchwithaview #imperialbeach #iloveib #iloveimperialbeach
Instagram post 2158518839720100776_9188122708 Tomorrow is the last day to donate candy 🍭 for Trunk or Treat. Drop off a bag during our 9:30 or 11am service. Let’s bless our city! 🌊
Instagram post 2158435718219930749_9188122708 Join us tomorrow for week 2 of I ♥️ IB! It’s the last week to donate a bag of candy for Trunk or Treat. Sign up through the link in our bio or on the app for a serve project. Let’s bless our city together!
Instagram post 2154664252225656780_9188122708 Meet Bill & Imelda Armantrout:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“We love being apart of Imperial Beach Church because it's been a safe place to figure out life while seeking a closer relationship with Jesus. The pastors jokes are funny, the people are super friendly, the atmosphere is casual and the ocean view is not bad either! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Our growth group has allowed us to make deep connections with new friends and see first-hand that they face the same issues we do and we can go through them together. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Imperial Beach Church challenges us to grow every week and provides opportunities to give back through serving and generosity. This Church has become family and they’re stuck with us whether they like it or not!”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Bill serves as a service director and content producer on tech team and Imelda serves on our worship team & kids team.
Instagram post 2153911954316505787_9188122708 S I G N-U P  T O D A Y| october 26th + Nov 3rd #linkinprofile
Instagram post 2153311786441570920_9188122708 We start our I ♥️ series tomorrow! •

I ♥️ IB serve projects are up on the app! Sign up here http://imperialbeach.church/ib-service-
Instagram post 2148825834515889998_9188122708 What a beautiful morning to give thanks. 🙌🏻 S E R V I C E  T I M E S | 930AM + 1100AM
Instagram post 2142358918054041630_9188122708 Happy Friday! 
Today, we want to highlight Janelle Cosio. “I was introduced to Imperial Beach Church while I was a freshman in high school, when the services were at Mendoza Elementary. At that time, I wasn't serious about my faith. When junior year came and me and my boyfriend broke up, it's almost like I've forgotten about church. I started falling behind in school, which led me to becoming a highschool dropout. I got deep into my addiction, which landed me in jail at 18. I got re-introduced to Jesus Christ, but I was still filled with doubt. I now know I was setting limits to his great power when I would get filled with shame; thinking there's no way I could be forgiven for the things I’ve done. I struggled with my faith for another year being homeless, not knowing if God was really for me. During December of 2018, while I was spending Christmas and New Years in jail again, I had finally come to my end. I felt desprate with nothing left to lose, so I started turning to the Lord in prayer. I also turned back to Imperial Beach Church knowing they could help me with my goal to obtain a strong walk of faith with Jesus Christ. By then, I was finally ready to ask for the help. At first, I was attending regularly, which filled me with an inner peace and joy that moved me to want to do more. I then started volunteering on the Welcome Team, and now I'm apart of a growth group. As soon as heard about Beach Baptisms I knew it was my next right step. “ 
Thank you Janelle for sharing your story! 🙌🏽
Instagram post 2140978392403605366_9188122708 We will be highlighting different members of our community. First off, we have Cynthia Kaui!
“I learned about the Eastlake Church through a previous co worker. We were having a woman to woman talk, and she recommended the church network after attending a service with her neighbors. After browsing through the website together, I decided to visit Imperial Beach Church since it was closer to my home. I brought along a friend, and we raved about how pleasant the culture was. We appreciated the sermon and the pastors. Since then, I became involved with our Welcome Team and started fellowshipping and breaking bread with the church community. Recently, I joined a growth group and I decided to get baptized. I grew up in a family of faith, and I am grateful for my parents for providing that foundation. I decided to re-commit my life to Jesus as a young adult because I want to be a follower of Him. I want to be a good steward of the life He gave me. My life is God’s gift to me and what I do with that life is my gift to Him.”
How did you all come across Imperial Beach Church?