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Kids & Students Programs

Imperial Beach Church offers programs for kids from birth through fifth grade during each of our services, with additional programs for 6th thru 12th grade students.

Click here for more information about our kids and students programs.

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A huge part of week one of our 10 week challenge is being a part of a growth group! Have you joined one yet? Click the link in our profile to sign up today! 🤩
This Friday we will have a fun kids movie night at our Chula Vista location! Come out for a movie under the stars and food from yummy food trucks! Bring a chair and a blanket to get cozy! See you there! 📽🍿
The 10 Week Challenge is here so let’s start this first week off STRONG! 💪
How does it feel knowing the cinnamon challenge was so long ago, point-and-shoot digital cameras were still a thing? When it comes to our challenge, all you’ll need is a readiness to grow in your walk with God. So what are you waiting for? Sign up at imperialbeach.church/with! We start this weekend!
We are having an IB Church Kids Beach Day! This Saturday, September 19th from 12:00-2:00pm. We will meet on the beach in IB infront if the Pier South Resort. There will be a mini lesson, games, food, and fun! If you would like to sign your child up, please email Bailey@imperialbeach.church to register.
Today we remember the lives lost and the lives of those who ran toward danger on September 11th, 2001. We continue to pray for our country and for unity, healing and God’s kingdom to be made manifest around us.
Our food distribution is now complete! We handed out over 200 boxes in record time, just under 30 minutes. Huge thanks to everyone for their generosity and serving our community with us today! 🙌🏼👏🏼
Have you heard about the 10-Week Challenge starting this month? We’ve decided to end our year by rallying around our concept of “WITH” in a 10 week series beginning the weekend of September 19 and 20. During this series, we will focus on three important areas: prayer, service, and generosity.
Our goal is to help you be WITH God, WITH each other, and WITH our world, so be sure to head to our IGTV to watch the full video, then sign up for the challenge TODAY at imperialbeach.church/with
Joe and Edna are longtime members of Imperial Beach Church and longtime friends with the gentleman in the picture, Greg.

Greg has been battling cancer and has become unable to travel. 

Two weeks ago Joe led him to faith in Jesus! 

Joe called Pastor Brian and asked him to come help baptize Greg since he is unable to travel. Joe and Brian baptized him in his own front yard! 🙌🏼

So thankful for friends who are willing to love us, lead us to Jesus and be there for us through this crazy season. 👏🏼
Beach Baptisms ☀️ are coming up this Sunday August 16th at 12:45 in front of the Pier South Resort. 🙌🏽

If you’re ready to take this next step in you’re journey with Jesus. Sign up today! 

If you have any questions please email-leslie@imperialbeach.church

You can register on the 
app under “upcoming events”. We will be masked up, ready to celebrate with you! 🎉
Shout out to one ☝🏽 of our neighborhood churches that meets Sunday on the beach 🌊 at 6pm. They are welcoming new guests, if you’d like to come check them out! Masks and social distanced are in full effect. 😎
Shout out to these two brilliant educators, whom we deeply respect and appreciate Dr. Amanda Pavich that leads our @eastlake.leadership.college college and our very own Angelique Gordon who is a teacher and director of a Christian homeschool. 

Let’s drop these lovely ladies an encouraging note 📝 or emoji 😍 to let then know we’re supporting them and all of our educators and administrators in prayer as they start this new season of school. 🙏🏽
LIVE worship and prayer with Brian and Luke at 7pm tonight! We hope to see there! 🙌🏽🎶🌿