Sat at 6:00pm
Sun at 9:15am, 11am, 12:45pm, 4:30pm, & 6pm*

Notes: We also offer an 8:00am service which is just the message, no worship, no children's programs.

6pm Sunday service is entirely in Spanish.

Spanish translation is available at the 11:00am & 12:45pm services.


2355 Otay Lakes Rd
Chula Vista, CA 91914

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Kids & Students Programs

EastLake Chula Vista offers programs for birth through 8th grade during each of our weekend services. Our 6th – 8th graders also all get together for large group events once a month on a Saturday evening (during our normally Saturday evening service time).

Our 9th – 12th graders meet as one large group every Wednesday night on campus and meet during the week in growth groups.

Find Out More at the EastLake Chula Vista Students Website

Click here for more information about our kids and students programs.

EastLake Church Chula Vista on Instagram

Instagram post 2182417915712654634_519537887 TAKE THE PLUNGE 🙌Baptisms are happening after every service this weekend and you can sign up on the patio or at eastlake.church/events. And don't worry, we'll have everything you need from towels to shorts to flip flops!
Instagram post 2181707343632782877_519537887 T-minus 3 days until Encounter Jesus Weekend! We can't wait to worship/learn/pray with you all weekend long at our 9:15a, 11a, 12:45p, 4:30p, 6pm (Español) services 🙌
Instagram post 2181618137856922639_519537887 Did you know not one dime of the Christmas Offering stays within the walls of our church? We strive to live out God’s word that says it is better to give than to receive which is why we’re so excited to open the Christmas Offering this weekend. Curious as to who/what your generosity would be funding in 2020? Simply visit thechristmasoffering.com to learn more!
Instagram post 2180097907171100856_519537887 (Check out our IGTV to watch the full video!) This is footage from one of the regional partnerships we have; an organization called Homes of Hope. If you are new to our church and this is your first Christmas season with us, each year we have a year-end offering that forward funds all of our Compassion and Outreach efforts for the upcoming year. 
Now each year we ask for 100% of us to give because 100% of it goes away. All the funds will go directly to local, regional and global partner organizations. Read all about our goals & initiatives for 2020 on the website thechristmasoffering.com
Instagram post 2179253692174351451_519537887 It's #sundayfunday which means you've got plenty of service times (6 to be exact) to join us for the final week of Blessed, Broken, Given as well as learn more about the Christmas Offering!
Instagram post 2178068587661849675_519537887 Take the plunge! We’re holding Baptisms after every service on November 23/24 and we’ll have everything you’ll need including shorts, shirts, towels, and even flip-flops! If you feel like this is the next step in your faith journey, don’t hesitate! Register at eastlake.church/events.
Instagram post 2177283444892357659_519537887 It's application season so let's talk college! Visit www.eastlake.college to learn more & discover if the EastLake Leadership College is the right fit for your soon-to-be college student.
Instagram post 2177208048542696224_519537887 If everyone does something, God can do everything 🙌 #thechristmasoffering visit TheChristmasOffering.com
Instagram post 2176608515030901339_519537887 Last weekend, we introduced you to the 2019 Christmas Offering. Over the next couple weeks, we’re thrilled to share more on the partners and organizations we support throughout the year. Giving for the Christmas Offering opens November 23/24 but until then, we ask you to pray with us as you witness what God is going to do in us and through us.
Instagram post 2174970902553552187_519537887 To all of our veterans:
We admire the hard work and sacrifice you put into serving our nation and protecting our freedom.
Happy Veterans Day
Instagram post 2174346341076218634_519537887 Missed out? Don't worry, we're continuing week 2 of #blessedbrokengiven this evening at 4:30pm & 6:00pm (español)!
Instagram post 2174316141231747066_519537887 12:45 service, you’re up next! Can’t wait to worship with you!
Instagram post 2174240653836612077_519537887 A broken spirit is my sacrifice, God. You won’t despise a heart, God, that is broken and crushed. Psalm 51:17 (CEB) #blessedbrokengiven #week2
Instagram post 2174210454568771434_519537887 Happy sunday funday! We've got coffee and your favorite seat just waiting for you! #blessedbrokengiven
Instagram post 2173629260039043648_519537887 It's week 2 of #blessedbrokengiven! See you in person or online at 6:00pm!
Instagram post 2172995161428988213_519537887 We can't wait to hang out with you this weekend for week 2 of Blessed, Broken, Given!
Instagram post 2172255733431704259_519537887 Some of us need to change the names that we've been answering to; names that other people spoke over us that are simply untrue. #blessedbrokengiven
Instagram post 2171500151890526489_519537887 Save the date for Encounter Jesus Weekend! We will have a service filled with extended times of worship, prayer, and so much more. Invite a friend and we'll see you there!