First established by a group of families looking to plant a church in San Diego in 1958, Torrey Pines Church has a long and distinctive history serving their surrounding community. Steadily growing in attendance and facilities during those years, Torrey Pines was an active and vibrant church influential in thousands of lives. With the passage of time, Torrey Pines Church found itself in need of a fresh start and a new breath of life. Upon merging into the EastLake Church Network, we’ve seen huge benefits of this proud church joining our team. A beautiful campus and facilities, fun and faithful staff, and a dedicated and committed community have strengthened our Network family as we’ve been able to combine the best of both worlds and see an increase in attendance and life at Torrey Pines Church. We celebrate together the family wins that come from having a thriving network where we all benefit from the growing strength of each church location.