Sharing the good news of Jesus doesn’t always happen within the walls of a building. And for the members of the Torrey Pines Surf Ministry team, it doesn’t even happen on land! This ministry, started 12 years ago on the shores of La Jolla, is designed to provide a space to meet new people and build relationships around the surfing lifestyle. Offering free boards, pointers, and friendship, these faithful volunteers gather each Saturday morning, camp out on the beach and use surfing as a platform to open doors to talk about their faith. Sometimes, it happens as a response to the question, “why are you all out there doing this?” and other times as a longer and larger conversation with a new friend. We are so thankful to have volunteers like this in our midst and are awe-struck watching what their faithfulness and love can do. Click here for more information about the Torrey Pines Church Surf Ministry.