It’s an unlikely friendship born of one person’s need and another person’s willingness to use their gifts to serve others. While Franky and Maria’s story is unique and touching, it is the story of what it means to live on mission for Jesus. When we are willing and available to invest our time and our talents for God’s kingdom, amazing relationships, connections and stories are the result.

“I don’t see it as a ministry. I see it as a service for a friend.”

When Franky unexpectedly lost his hearing after a bad fall, he continued attending EastLake Church with his family, even though he couldn’t hear the messages each week. His family was actively looking for a way for Franky to, not only come to church, but to be able to learn and grow from the weekly teaching.

Through the network of EastLake Church community connections, Maria came to learn about Franky’s need. As a professional who did closed captioning for CNN, Maria knew this was a chance to use her unique skill set to benefit someone else, and a friendship was born.

Maria has selflessly given her time each Sunday morning to sit beside Franky and transcribe the weekly teaching so he doesn’t have to miss out on the sermon. Maria downplays her service, saying, “I don’t see it as a ministry. I see it as a service for a friend.”