The Growth Track is designed to help our people grow in faith, develop healthy spiritual habits, and take their right next steps.

Starting Steps


Membership is about understanding the basics of who we are and what we believe. It’s a decision to join the team as we live to share Jesus’ love with our local and global communities.

Growth Steps


Spiritual growth and maturity happen when we take the necessary steps to nurture and encourage our faith. As we grow in our understanding of scripture, capacity for prayer, and eagerness to engage in generosity, we become more like Jesus.

Leading Steps


Ministry is a necessary part of the Christian faith. It is a natural outgrowth of living and growing in community and service to others. As we grow in our relationships with others and our service to them, we reflect the servant leadership modeled by Jesus.

Missional Steps

Focus on MISSION

Living all of our life on the Jesus mission is the goal of every Christian. As disciples (Jesus followers) we partner with Jesus on His mission to help others find their way back to God, by revealing the Kingdom of God through the way we live and love.