So you’re visiting a church for the first time. You probably have some questions and maybe even a few worries. Let’s address some of the most common questions we get so that you’ll know what to expect before you arrive.

What to expect on your first visit

How should I dress?

A good rule of thumb is “come as you are”. If you like jeans and a t-shirt, you’ll fit right in. Prefer flip-flops, cargo shorts, and a hoodie? No problem. What if you’re a bit more formal and want to wear a jacket and tie? Nobody will look at you funny, but they might ask you if you’re on the way to something else after church. The bottom line is that we care a lot more about who you are than what you wear. Be you.

Where should I park?

Each of our locations has its own parking plan, and telling you all the details here would bore us both. Instead of doing a deep dive on all the particulars of where to park for our services, just look for the parking signs and/or volunteers in the yellow/orange vests. They’ll direct you to the very best parking place available and keep things moving through the parking lot. If you need to get closer to the building for any reason, let them know and they can help you make it happen.

After I park, how do I get to the service?

Well, you’ve got to get out of the car first. We’ll leave that to you. The parking volunteers can point you in the right direction and as you walk up, you’ll probably encounter some volunteer hosts. They’re there to help you get where you need to get, whether that means taking your kids to the children’s ministry classes or walking directly to the auditorium. They can also help you find some coffee, because coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

What do I do with my kids?

Remember the last time your kids asked for permission to sit still for an hour? Yeah, we don’t remember that either. That’s why we’ve invested a lot of time and resources into creating fun and age-appropriate environments for your kids to hear about God. So if you’re bringing your kids with you to services, you should check out our safe and secure programs designed just for kids. If you can swing it, you might want to arrive about 10-15 minutes before the service so you won’t feel rushed when you first check them in. And if you want to keep your children with you during service, we have options for that too.

Where do I sit for the service?

We have volunteer ushers who will welcome you into the adult auditorium, hand you our program, and direct you to a seat. Once you’re seated, just kick back, relax, and enjoy the service. Near the end of the service, you’ll hear us talk about tithes and offerings, and you don’t need to feel obligated to participate in that as a visitor. Giving is an act of worship for those who consider this place to be their church home.

What happens during the service?

First off, there’s going to be some music. It’s going to be a little on the loud side. (We like our music loud and our coffee strong. That’s just how we do.) After the music is done, one of our pastors will give a talk, and there will probably be a few videos here and there along the way. The whole service lasts around an hour, give or take five minutes or so.

I’m not sure that I’m sold on this church thing. Is it still okay for me to attend?

Yes, absolutely. We believe that it’s okay to belong before you believe, so go ahead and kick the tires of church a little bit while you’re here. You might have some pretty big questions that you’re wrestling with, and we believe that God is big enough to handle that.

What happens when the service is over?

There’s quite a lot happening after service, actually. You’ll find that some people will hang out for a while to chat, have coffee, and talk with friends. There are also some people available to pray with you if that’s something you’d like to do. (Of course, if you checked your kids into the children’s ministry classes, you’re going to want to pick them up at some point as well!) The bottom line is that you can spend some time to get to know people and hang out a little bit.

Is that it?

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. But if you’ve got more questions, drop us a line at .